The Ethereum Mainnet Merge is upon us. Ring it in Berlin style.

This is Berlin Blockchain Week’s main Klubnacht. Join an amazing blend of Berlin locals, Ethereum community heavy hitters, and generally wonderful ravers from all over the place.

There are an extraordinary number of builders joining us from the Ethereum Foundation, Parity, Uniswap, Optimism, Consensys, and dozens more organisations that have made major contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem over the years. This rave is not only a celebration of their work, but the beginning of the next chapter in Ethereum’s history, and we therefore look forward to also welcoming the new generation of builders that will also be joining us at ÆDEN on Friday the 16th.

That said, this is Berlin – and as such there are some things you should know.

Door Policy

There are no tickets for this event. It will work like any other club night in Berlin – you show up and join the line.

  • All patrons: Photo ID may be required by Æden security.
  • Æden reserves the right to deny entry to anyone for any reason.

If you are on the guest list, you can come straight to the guest list line, and make sure to remember which name/alias & email you used to apply. If you’re not – no stress. The selectors will be waiting at the door, and it is their decision to let you in or not. 

The role of the door selector is to make sure that the vibe inside is made as good as possible. If inside it’s too busy, if the gender imbalance is no good, or the selector is looking for certain types of people to improve the blend of humans in the club, they might knock you back. However, we’re offering you some tips:

  • Dress appropriately. Always be you, but remember that it is a techno rave at a regular Berlin nightclub. Don something fun! Come in an all-black edgy getup, rainbow coloured fishnet costume, a cowboy hat, as a unicorn…it doesn’t really matter, but come dressed for fun.
  • We can’t really think of a simpler way to explain this next point, other than to say: don’t be a dickhead – inside or outside of the club. 
  • Don’t try and get into the club as a group of 12. Like any Berlin club, stick to groups of 3 at a max – it makes the selector’s life much easier.
  • Be respectful! Don’t try to bribe or bully your way in! (We see this all the time at crypto parties…..not this one!)

Rules Once Inside

  • Do not use cameras of any kind. It’s an Aeden venue policy. 
  • All backpacks and coats must be left at the cloakroom. 2 EUR.
  • The venue is CASH ONLY, and there’s no ATM inside! (Welcome to Berlin!)
  • Show your stamp at the door for free & speedy reentry at the guest list line
  • HAVE FUN! We are super excited about this crowd!


Merge Nacht has free entry to all those that either are on the guest list, or can prove they are attending a Berlin Blockchain Week event. Others will pay a 10 EUR entry fee for the venue. All patrons are encouraged to leave a donation for Ukraine at the entrance. 

Guest list folks will get some drink tokens on the way in. Everyone else: help support our amazing hosts at Æden and put some money behind the bar. If you haven’t tried a Vodka+Mate, we couldn’t recommend it enough.


Doors open at 2100 16th Sept – DJs programmed until 0600 17th Sept

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See you there.